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How to eliminate rebound phenomenon in cold working of stainless steel pipe fittings with hydraulic press

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Pressing oil compressor driven clamping fixture, along the slide downward pressing stainless steel pipe, to pay special attention to the tire pressure must be to achieve a closed position, pressure did not in the end, tube arc is not forming.
According to the characteristics of stainless steel pipe fittings cold working of the rebound phenomenon, in addition to consider resilience in mould design in the upper and lower clamping fixture, a core and a horseshoe design must also be fully by pressing a variety of conditions, controlled pipe bending springback phenomenon. The there are two ways: one is to correctly grasp the press bending force, and appropriately raise the pressing force, to overcome the elastic deformation, another effective way is fully utilized, mould surface of the arc length, segment to suppress and eliminate rebound phenomenon.
The specific way is “forming a” three phase correction”. The so-called refers to a molding pipe section first pressing pressure (pressure to end cry tread, tire), to be completely closed. For this reason must have enough pressing force. As the first press molded pipe fittings are not in the end, it is very difficult to correct. Practice has proved that the pipe quality, the key lies in the first pressing can obtain good quality. So when cold pressed stainless steel pipe fittings, in advance to choose good enough work pressure. The so-called “three correction” is after a pressing molding to unload on both sides of the horseshoe, the compaction pipe from the original position to move forward a distance (in the center of the center of bending angle is, about shift – 30 degrees), then the second phase of repression. Then, remove the core pipe and into the middle position pressing, pressing third phase correction.
After the above three sections of the correction of the tube, it will control the occurrence of rebound, to further improve the quality of products to suppress the pipe fittings.
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