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Stainless steel butt welding flange to ensure that material, in accordance with the most stainless steel flange manufacturers for many years of production experience below to help you analysis of stainless steel welded flange should be how to ensure that material.
Stainless steel butt welding flange has been used in high pressure pipeline installation, so in the installation quality of butt welding flange requirements very strict, product quality directly affect the future daily application, the quality of the products slightly flawed may bring great economic consequences and risk in the future, so the quality of welded flange must through specialized inspection qualified to install. Flange welding quality in production management have great relations, scientific production management directly affect the stainless steel butt welding flange of the quality and production efficiency.

After many years of practice, zhejiang yaang pipe industry co., limited ( gradually developed a set of management method, which is gradually applied in daily production. First from the material, to forging materials for chemical detection and forging links are also recorded one by one, the lathe machining process of stainless steel pin to separate into, lest and carbon steel flange pin mixed together. Each step will not be relaxed, so the material of the stainless steel flange can be controlled well.

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