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How to establish close contact with the importers in export flange

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When countries facing the world opening, merchandise exports and imports has become one of the most common communication content. A lot of goods to the world have a better development, flange for this commodity is no exception. But this kind of goods for China, the market prospect is not optimistic, in the first is how export flange with overseas stock traders get close contact as soon as possible do a simple introduction:
First of all, the exporter should pay attention to, not can use the way of writing or respects is the way to establish close contact with overseas suppliers. Because for merchants to import flange, received many letters every day, but in fact these letters tend to be handled with as rubbish. Because this way will waste precious time in the history of replenish onr’s stock, because these overseas stock traders like to use more direct and more convenient way. , of course, if there are any business urgently needs to find a partner, your way of writing are also likely to be successful, but the hope too slim.
Second, most can communicate is set up for the market of the country for a friendly visit, and then to interview you want to establish business relations company. For the two cities went to Sydney or Melbourne goods access, usually in the area of outlet flange can have more chance to meet major importers. Need to do is to remind here, must make appointments before the meeting, this is also an aspect of etiquette.
Once get the chance to meet the importer, the first to use the price of a product attract purchase business in Australia. Because of Australian businessmen don’t like to bargain, as long as they think the price is more appropriate, they will be willing to go to the next link exchanges. But it also from another side, let us know that all the businessmen care most about a problem is the price of the product. Once the commodity price recognised by the Australian businessman, they in the production process of suppliers after investigation, will decide whether place and merchants have long-term business relations.

Finally, in terms of export flange. Exporters also note that if you want to get in touch with the importer with the fastest speed, the best way is to find a purchasing agent in country, because the importer and purchasing agent contact opportunities is more, once you find the importers to trust purchasing agent will make things more quickly.

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