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When installing stainless steel flanges should ensure that no leakage of oil spills, should pay attention to the following 3 questions:
One, stainless steel flanges shall have enough strength, not deformation. The flange sealing surface should be smooth and clean, to seriously clean up oil and rust during installation.
Two, the sealing pad should be good oil resistance and anti-aging properties, as well as good elasticity and mechanical strength. The installation should be based on the shape of the connecting section of the use of different sections and dimensions of the sealing pad, and placed correctly.
Three, the stainless steel flanges fastening force should be uniform, the rubber pad compression should be controlled at around 1/3.

Actual use, stainless steel flanges should be in accordance with the standards and methods to ensure the use of quality and value, in accordance with the normal use and installation of the use of standards. There is no problem of quality and performance. Stainless steel flange is not a kind of simple mechanical parts and components, but a kind of mechanical product carrier containing rich technical content.

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