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How to prevent 304 stainless steel angle bar surface is water vapor corrosion?

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Ordinary life is often applied to a 304 stainless steel angle bar iron rust appears, someone that would be impossible, but the stainless steel. In fact, this is a mistake a lot of people will think stainless steel is unlikely to rust, in fact, it is just not easy to rust,304 stainless steel angle bar also will rust. Below about 304 stainless steel angle bar at how to prevent their rusting water vapor.
Pure water vapor is unlikely to rust more than 304 steel corrosion caused by rust, if water vapor which is doped with an acidic or alkaline substance it may lead to rust corrosion. If you want to avoid acidic or alkaline substances on the corrosion of stainless steel rust, can be sprayed in a layer of rust-proof material 304 stainless steel angle bar above.
Water vapor is impossible absolutely pure no impurities, thus 304 stainless steel angle bar will certainly be rusty, the difference is the possibility of rusting problem sooner or later. If you want to prevent rust coated with a layer of material, the material is likely to be slightly toxic, need more bearable.
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