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Whether it is stainless steel welded pipe fittings or stainless steel seamless pipe fittings have internal thread, this kind of internal thread is how to process? In fact, the method is relatively simple, tap tapping can be done. Although the process is not complicated, but there are still a lot of places to pay attention to.
Stainless steel pipe material has high viscosity, off chip characteristics, so in the tapping process will inevitably appear chip scraping injury thread of the work piece or the tap blade and other undesirable phenomena collapse, thus the machining efficiency and thread quality will be affected. So from design to manufacture, have to careful careful operation.
The first step is to choose the high quality tap material, such as in order to improve the abrasion resistance and toughness tap, you can in ordinary high-speed tool steel special alloy elements added, or can be in thread surface is coated with titanium nitride coating, such performance will be improved.
In the process, you can increase the tap before the angle and shovel back. But also pay attention to, if too large, in the back of the knife when it is easy to cause some bad phenomenon. For example, tap tap thread edge collapse more edges, tap into after cutting angle and thread finish.
And we in tapping on the stainless steel pipe fittings, tapping processing volume as small as the principle, which can effectively avoid the emergence of some adverse consequences. But before the start of the best customized reamer, ensure the grinding thread grinding angle, and the edge of the anterior horn taps straight face.
If you can be very good to comply with the above requirements, the processing of stainless steel pipe fittings will be more ideal, can meet the needs of consumers.
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