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Because the flexible graphite has plasticity and good packing, when using this kind of gasket to precision machining of flange sealing surface does not need to match, for stainless steel flange sealing surface water; Groove can be adaptive, relatively economy. The gasket is also called flexible graphite composite gasket, metal it is made of salt tooth metal teeth or punching metal core board and flexible graphite particle composite pressure into a sealing gasket, it is usually composed of flexible graphite composite reinforced plate system, typical flexible graphite composite metal flange gaskets.

According to the needs, flexible graphite composite metal flange gaskets can be made with stainless steel or carbon steel inner package edge or inside and outside. The main characteristic of the gasket is: good high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to radiation, such as performance, high strength, can be used in high pressure conditions. The pre-tightening force than use metal gasket or small metal spiral wound gasket.

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