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Internal Quality Inspection of Large Diameter Flange

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Large diameter flange is a kind of flange, in the machinery industry, chemical industry, wind power industry, sewage treatment industry in the general use and promotion, users get the praise and favor, large diameter flange widely used. Production process is divided into rolling and forging, large can only be rolled. Material for the carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

The inspection of the internal quality of the large-diameter flanges is to check the intrinsic quality of the large-diameter flanges, which is the quality condition that can not be found by the appearance quality check. It contains both internal defects for checking the large-diameter flanges and the mechanical properties of the check- Performance, while the important parts, key parts or large large diameter flanges should also be chemical composition analysis.

As the large diameter flange made of parts, the use of the process of its force, the degree of importance, working conditions are different, the materials used and metallurgical processes are different, so different parts according to the above situation and in accordance with the requirements of the department will be large Caliber flange separation category, different departments, different standards for large diameter flange classification is different.

Mass inspection of large diameter flanges:

For internal defects we will check through the low magnification check, fracture check, high-speed inspection method to test whether the large diameter flange, such as internal cracks, shrinkage, loose, coarse, white, dendritic crystal, streamline does not meet the shape, Flow line disorder, through flow, coarse crystal ring, oxide film, stratification, overheating, burned tissue and other defects. For the mechanical properties is to check the normal temperature tensile strength, plasticity, toughness, hardness, fatigue strength, high temperature instantaneous fracture strength, high temperature lasting strength, sustained plasticity and high temperature creep strength.

Large diameter flange is a precision casting method to produce flange, the kind of casting more common sand casting organization is much thinner, improve the quality of many, less prone to tissue loose, stomata, trachoma and other issues.

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