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Internal thread processing method of stamping elbow

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Design and manufacture of a tap
The internal thread on the stamping elbow usually adopts tap for tapping processing. Because stainless viscosity is higher, chip breaking performance is poor, so prone to chip in the process of tapping scratch artifacts thread or tap the phenomenon such as collapse edge, affect the efficiency and the quality of thread. In order to prolong the service life of tap, improve the quality of thread machining, the following points should be paid attention to.
(1) to choose better tap material. Add special alloy elements, in ordinary high speed tool steel tap could obviously improve the abrasion resistance and toughness.
(2) in tap thread surface coated with titanium nitride coating, can significantly improve the tap wear resistance, heat resistance and lubricity.
(3) more appropriate tap backoff. But should pay attention to, such as large amount of backoff, prone to chip in the blade into the tap in the phenomenon of poor and tapping the thread finish.
(4) choose reasonable tool heat treatment method, in order to give attention to both tap of hardness and toughness.
(5) more appropriate Angle before the tap. But should pay attention to, such as tap rake Angle is too large, when the blade cause tap collapse edge and tapping the thread edges.

Second, the selection of tapping oil
Tapping processing for the stainless steel stamping elbow, the selection of tapping oil is very important. Tapping oil must have good cooling and lubrication and rust prevention function. Such as tapping oil cooling effect is not good, then tap easy sticky, namely before the tap threads and Angle of surface bonding stainless steel scraps. Such as tapping oil lubrication effect is bad, is poor, tapping the thread finish and tap tapping resistance is big. Stainless steel special tapping oil effect is good, can use directly. In addition, also can use tapping oil essence oil and configure, but matching to the right.
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