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Introduction of industrial steel pipe

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In industry, the production process of stainless steel pipe is developed and updated rapidly. The range of application is very wide, and the production of stainless steel pipe also has a very important position in the iron and steel industry. But the stainless steel pipe is only one kind of mainstream steel pipe. We can see that the steel pipe also occupies the irreplaceable position in the widespread application. Below, will introduce each kind of mainstream steel pipe now.

Classification of steel pipe

More mainstream classification method of steel pipe, according to the production method can be divided into seamless and welded steel pipe, according to the type of steel and can be divided into carbon pipe and alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe end connections and press into the light pipe (pipe end threaded) and threading pipe (Guan Duan threaded). According to the characteristics of coating surface of the steel pipe can be divided into the Clarinet (not coated) and coating of steel pipe, according to the cross-sectional shape and can be divided into round steel pipe and profiled steel pipe, also can use according to the steel division, general pipeline pipe, thermal equipment pipes, mechanical industrial pipe, petroleum geology drilling chemical pipe, industrial pipe etc..

Characteristics of steel pipe

Generally, there are two characteristics of a steel pipe. First, because the steel pipe has a closed hollow geometry, it is suitable for the transportation of liquid, steam and solid. Secondly, under the same weight, the steel pipe has a larger sectional modulus relative to other steel forms, that is, bending and torsion resistance is stronger, and it is a kind of economic section steel and high efficiency steel.

Method for producing steel pipe

In general, the process of producing steel pipe is billet, molding, finishing, a finished product, reprocessing, and two finished products. Generally according to the requirements of the steel pipe to determine the production process, selection of production equipment, at the same time, the process and equipment are constantly updated to adapt to the requirements of continuous improvement.

According to the final shape of the steel seamless pipe production can be divided into two and seamed pipe production, production in cold processing belongs to the pipe.

Among them, the hot rolling seamless steel pipe processing process are solid pipe billet, perforation, extension, sizing, cooling, finishing. The processing flow of welded pipe is strip, blank, forming (Guan Tongzhuang), welding, pipe and finishing.

Technical requirements and development trend of steel pipe

Usually, the steel pipe has high corrosion resistance, good high temperature strength and low temperature toughness for a variety of corrosive media, and the processing technology and technical requirements are also higher and higher. Secondly, the requirements of pipe product size (wall thickness accuracy) and shape accuracy also contribute to the continuous progress of online inspection and automatic control technology. The requirement of reducing the cost of pipe products makes the production process develop towards short process and near final forming. Generally speaking, the trend of quality requirements for steel pipes is high quality, low cost, high efficiency and low consumption.

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