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Introduction of stainless steel chemical polishing solution

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Additives have the effect of inhibiting corrosion and increasing light. It can form a complicated adsorption layer on the surface of stainless steel, activate the microconvex point on the surface of the parts, and blunt the microconcave point to make the polishing effective. Refers to this kind of additive of polishing fluid viscosity regulator, corrosion inhibitor, etch, activator and antifoaming agent, because they exist, chemical polishing can smoothly, surface polishing effect.

The additives include inorganic salt, organic salt, organic compound, surfactant, etc.

(1) inorganic salt. They are mainly sulphate, phosphate, nitrate, acetate, molybdate, chloride, fluoride, etc.

(2) organic compounds are mainly glycerin (glycerin), if ding, organic amine, gelatin, dextrin, sodium dodecyl sulfate and thiourea, polyol, cellulose ether and polyethylene glycol, chlorine alkyl which the organism, halogen compounds, sulfosalicylic acid, azo dyes, etc.

(3) the light agents that have a strong effect are benzoic acid, salicylic acid, sulfonic acid, benzene diphenol, and fluoroseason ammonium salt.

The type and concentration of additives are determined by the quality of polishing, and the average dosage is 0.1% ~ 1.0%, which is the composition and temperature of the polishing liquid. The sulfur vein is easily decomposed in high temperature, so it should not be used at high temperature. Some additives, such as collagen, dyes, salicylic acid, hydroquinone, etc., should be pre-arranged in saturated solution and in the polish.

As a inhibitor, it is suitable for the use of 1 ~ 5g/L, which is used as a inhibitor of butyl dimethylamine (dimethylbenzene) and ulothene (CH2) 6N4.

As a light agent, chlorine alkyl, halogen, and sulfonic acid are used for 3-5g/L.

The mixture of cellulose ether and polyethylene glycol is 20 ~ 40g/L.

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