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Introduction to the forging process of the stainless steel reducer

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Stainless steel reducer is made of malleable cast iron manufacturing, mainly used in water supply pipeline, gas pipeline, oil pipeline and pipe connection between. We often see the size of the stainless steel head is black, right Angle and camber, our production of stainless steel ring force reducer has the quality, wear resistance, not easy to damage characteristic. Our products are often widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power industries such as pipeline equipment, installation and other services.

Stainless steel reducer

With the rapid development of domestic economy, the use of the product demand is higher and higher, a lot of customer value is more than the quality of the products and services, our goal is an advanced construction industry and shipping industry, stainless steel reducer is given priority to with connecting pipe fittings, in the field of the development of the product can bear responsibility, has the international first-class technical level and set sail. Stainless steel reducer fittings processing technology has a certain technology, according to certain technology to production in the production:

First, double conformity, joint pipe bending deformation by external force when won’t impact the sealing ring, stainless steel reducer fittings type connection of technical performance, technical indicators, the upgrade of the technical level of the products;

Second, double conformity of 1.8 times higher than that of single pushing press-fitting, suitable for high-rise buildings, high water pressure;

Third, double the viega profi-press aprons seal within the stainless steel material, the durability of aprons, and the double conformity of sealing ring around squeezed even and seal not times water out from the side, make up for a lack of applicable in the process of single conformity.

Stainless steel reducer, therefore, to win customer’s favor, would have to pay special attention to the quality, improve service, earnestly implement every technological process, let the size of the stainless steel head can better service for mankind.
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