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Iron ore price of NMDC remains unchanged

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The largest producer of iron ore in the country,  according to a BSE filing, stated that, the company had rolled over the price of the commodity in the month of December to January 2015.

As a result of which the price of the lump content iron ore, which is the most used divergent of iron ore among the steel makers, increased to 66.24 dollars per tonne, and the value of low grade iron ore declined to 48.26 dollars per tonne.

The company is always  reviewing its price by the end of every month. NMDC, had kept hold on the price of iron ore up to the period of July-October. By the month of November, the company had reduced the value of the iron ore lumps by 3.80 dollars per tonne. Again in the month of December, the company had to decline the price of the commodity by 3 dollars per tonne, and the price of iron ore fines, was declined by 1.58 dollars.

The company had produced 22.5 million tonnes of iron ore in this period when compared to the 21.5 million tonnes it had produced in the same period of last year.

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