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Key points for use of stainless steel head

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1, Please measure the outer circumference of the stainless steel head. If the cylinder is processed in advance, please inquire with the company about the size of the predetermined outer circumference.

2, the stainless steel head circumference of 4 equal parts, and in the cylinder and stainless steel head on the mark.

3, according to the sequence of positioning welding, positioning of the welding location, please customers according to the diameter and thickness of self-selected sites.

4, positioning welding is completed, the welding. Attention to the protection of the surface of stainless steel head 1. Stainless steel head and cylinder group after welding, it is necessary to promptly clean up the weld, heat affected zone and the surrounding welding slag, spatter, contaminants, and PT inspection and surface pickling.

2. To prevent the surface of the stainless steel head bump scratches.

3. To prevent direct contact with carbon steel to avoid iron contamination.

4. not in the open air storage, rain.

5. Avoid forced welding. Structural design to prevent restraint stress is too large.

6. Hydrostatic test water chloride content of not more than 25mg / L, after the test to dry in time.

7. Stainless steel pickling can not use hydrochloric acid to reduce acid.

8. Strictly observe the “compatibility rules” of the media compatibility. Note: for 0Cr18Ni9 and 304 metastable austenitic stainless steel head is easy due to improper surface protection, and cause surface pitting. When coupled with the processing stress, welding stress, eventually leading to stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion. To this end, customers pay special attention to the surface of such stainless steel protection. Head Caution 1. Carbon steel head cracks in the nitrate, ammonia, alkaline sodium and other environments, please explain the elimination of residual stress when ordering stainless steel head.

2. Austenitic stainless steel in a chloride ion of specific circumstances will occur stress corrosion cracking, please select the appropriate material in the design.

3. To be hot-dip galvanized or aluminized carbon steel containers, please do first heat treatment to remove residual stress.

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