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Large butt welding elbow and flange installation requirements

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Flange, defined as: the structure or mechanical parts is perpendicular to the axis of the parts to highlight the edge. Large butt welding elbow and flange on equipment performance requirements include the following contents:
Elbow flange two flange surface is perpendicular to the vertical lathe table is horizontal rotation, so the tooling’s main function is to use the big end flange bolt hole on the tooling with flange connection. When clamping fixtures on the workbench, should ensure that processed flange concentric and parallel to the plane and vertical lathe workbench, to reduce the number of tooling, the tooling should be able to transform the clamping position, guarantee the elbow 2 in 1 tooling can end flange size. At the same time, the equipment must have enough stiffness, otherwise will seriously affect the processing quality of flange gasket groove, so in the use cases, should try to reduce the height of the tooling, so can increase the stiffness of easy to operation. After the tooling with elbow and flange fixed radius of gyration radius should not be more than vertical lathe work, and can be convenient clamping is easy to adjust, convenient to feed cutting.
Large butt welding elbow and flange of tooling design and manufacturing
By 2 pieces into 900 clamping plate, two piece of flange plate and two vertical plate and four blocks of stiffener plate compound and into. Attached to stiffness, in order to ensure the tooling of the plate weld should open groove weld penetration, weld Angle of 20-30 mm. On the flange plate corresponding bolt hole is drilled, guarantee the accuracy of the flange to flange plate with bolts connection, flange and plate on the back of the small end, the gap between can put small manual jacks and press along the vertical direction of plate on the flange plate open a gap, so that the elbow into tooling, adopt the structure of the thicker steel plate approximate trough type tooling, can satisfy the demand for rigid when cutting.
Tooling simple and reasonable structure, easy fabrication, good rigidity, process alignment adjustment is easy to operate, fully meet the large butt welding elbow and flange stand on the machining needs of the three groups of elbow and flange completely qualified, not only for the enterprise to save 200000 yuan of money, but also for the future under the condition of no end of machine tools, with vertical lathe machining similar parts has opened up a new way.
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