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Making hole processing stainless steel lap joint stub end

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Yaang’s fitting product of stainless steel lap joint stub end, on the hole processing method is: technology and materials. If you would know of stainless steel lap joint stub end hole method also depends on the surrounding of the hole, in general around the hole is not the disadvantage such as burr, damage, the stainless steel lap joint stub end flanging is better and easy.
In today’s processing technology, stainless steel lap joint stub end hole on the data are made hole machining is smaller than the average. If you can use this mode of drilling plan will have higher production effect, but production of large hole words will let rim burr, cracks and other defects.
Yaang’s fitting product: stainless steel lap joint stub end is used in punching processing, heat treatment is also used in processing after burr on the surface, hole processing, this approach can get the lower limit of flanging coefficient, but also very suitable for mass production.
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