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Marine standard code-named: ES, this two letters is said Marine short radius elbow, named short elbow bending radius, the same as 12459-2005, just a little 90 degrees. This is a used to ship ventilation pipe flange, three models, use English letters ABC to distinguish between types. Type A is A circular flange, is A big difference with the ordinary flange, outside diameter, all thickness is very thin. Is four thick from DN25 to 150. From five DN175 to DN450 is thick. From DN500 to DN1000 is the thickness of 6. Outer diameter is much smaller. Working pressure is small, 25-400 is less than or equal to 0.20 MPA. Less than or equal to 0.15 MPA, 450-500. 600 to 700 is less than or equal to 0.10 MPA.

The 800 to 1000 is less than or equal to 0.05 MPA. The general piping flange minimum pressure 0.25 MPA. Type B is a rectangular flat steel flange, is square. Specifications from 80 to 80 over. Pressure is less than or equal to 0.05 MPA. Type C flange is called A rectangular Angle steel flange, is made of Angle steel, pressure and type A is the same.

Marine standard welding short radius elbow is with commonly used pipe welding short radius elbows are distinguished. Marine short radius elbow R (bending radius) is the DN is equal, it of the DN100 nominal diameter, for example, the radius is 100. 125 is 125.300, it’s 300. This kind with standard short elbow ends from 50 to 300. And commonly used short radius elbow is DN100 is 102. The DN125 is 127. 12 is 305. A little larger than the standard all Marine. And on the thickness of the tube, also is not the same as common, the common bend (12459) gives only a pressure rating table. You can choose the thickness. And ship the short radius elbow, direct you thickness is given. From (to 65 are two thickness. From 80 to 200, there are three thickness. In 250 and 300, and only for two thickness.

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