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Materials and requirements for the production of high pressure alloy reducer

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Making high pressure alloy reducer of materials need some special raw materials for production, these materials to strict selection and control, raw material to choose a suitable, otherwise produced welded elbow wouldn’t have quality assurance. High pressure alloy reducer used material is a class with special electrical, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological function of new materials, is an important basis for the field of biological technology, energy technology and other high technology and national defense construction materials and also to reform some traditional industries, such as agriculture, chemical industry, building materials and other plays a important role.

The appearance of high pressure alloy reducer should be crack, heavy leather, wall thickness should be greater than the large diameter end of the pipe wall thickness. High pressure alloy reducer of roundness should not greater than 1% of the corresponding end of the outer diameter and tolerance of plus or minus 3mm; high pressure alloy reducer’s center of the two ends of the line should be coincident, the eccentric value tolerance of + / – 5 mm. According to the need, a circular ring shells can be cut into four 90 degree elbows or six 60 DEG elbows or other specifications of the elbow and the process of alloy used in the manufacture of high pressure alloy reducer in diameter and bend diameter ratio greater than 1.5 any specification of large reducer is current an ideal method for large-scale high pressure alloy reducer manufacturing.

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