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Measures to prevent deformation of large flange

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Large flange in assembly welding. To avoid in the condition of bearing or bearing welds, try to eliminate the influence of external forces of weld bead and prevent deformation of the flange. Take the following measures:
(1) when conditions permit, the horizontal barrel level in roller frame assembly welding flange. After welding flange in the mouth of the first welding flanges outside the mouth. Welding current and voltage shoulds not be too big, in order to reduce the accumulation of heat.
(2) when necessary, can give the flange stiffened plates equipped with process closed to resist deformation trend. Stiffened plates removed after welding process. And the welding scar left by the bridge polishing.
(3) when the cylinder is in vertical position assembly welding equipment flange, should try to support cylinder, the flange in a suspended state, giving the function of weld bead is not affected by tube weight force.
(4) if necessary, can be used on the bolts in the flange fixed another companion flange, then the normal assembly welding flange. After welding to remove companion flange.
In short, as long as the welding process to take appropriate measures before four, even if again big, again weak flange can also ensure that will not happen deformation during welding.
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