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Mechanical polishing of stainless steel elbow

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For the stainless steel elbow we talked a lot, also wrote a lot, we also basically understand the various features and advantages of stainless steel elbow. Today small make up about a special term – mechanical polishing.
I think most of stainless steel elbow manufacturers know what mechanical polishing, what about the polishing of the stainless steel elbow have what kind of method, after the stainless steel elbow manufacturers for many years of experience the following three types: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing. And we are introduced by this article is the mechanical polishing.
Stainless steel elbow mechanical polishing of common terms are: abrasive, grease, cutting force, etc.
The stainless steel elbow process has three steps: coarse grinding, grinding and fine grinding.
The polishing wheel of the stainless steel elbow is how to choose the size, because the power of the motor is decisive for the size of the polishing wheel, and motor shaft and polishing wheel to form a complete set.
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