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Method for producing 904L 90 degree long radius elbow

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90 degrees long radius elbow external arc elbow, elbow and elbow in the curved line, the shape of the elbow. Rectangular 904L 90 degrees long radius elbow is composed of two blocks of side wall, elbow back and elbow in four parts. Engineering often used inside and outside the arc shape bend, such limitations of site conditions, the arc shape bend or oblique line of elbow. When the inner arc and the internal oblique line elbow outside long a is more than or equal to 500 mm, so that the air flow distribution, 904L 90 DEG long radius elbow internal flow deflector. The guide plate with rivets assembled in the elbow wall connecting plate, the connecting plate rivet hole spacing is about 200mm. Guide plate material and the thickness of the material and the air pipe, the deflector angle and bending angle, guide vanes in elbow configuration should meet the design requirements, when the design requirements. Deflector on the windward side of the edge should be smooth, and both ends of the wind pipe fixed buy firmly and with an elbow guide taped out of arc length should be consistent.

90 degree long radius elbow can be used to connect the angle of the corner and the joint. In order to prevent the flange in 904L 90 degrees long radius elbow of the arc, can emit flange allowance, the allowance for angle steel flange width and 1omm flanging ‘inner arc almost rectangular elbow wrote in a slash shaped rectangular elbow, except that the different size of the inner side plate, the rest were the same.

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