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Methods of preservation of stainless steel pipes that are not easy to be corroded

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In fact, stainless steel pipes will not rust, but rust resistance is very high, so it is very difficult to rust, but if the storage method is not appropriate, the rust will happen. This paper will talk about how to keep it as long as possible to make the stainless steel pipe in the best condition.

Choose the right place

The place suitable for keeping stainless steel pipes should be clean and clean and the drainage is unobstructed, and there is no harmful gas or dust in the vicinity of the factory. In the storage warehouse, the stainless steel pipe should not be stacked with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials that easily corrode stainless steel pipes. To avoid confusion were piled up, different types of stainless steel pipe, avoid contact corrosion; pipe fittings must have cover cushion, some thin pieces or high price and easy corrosion, or need to be stored in storage; the warehouse according to the geographical conditions selected, usually use ordinary closed warehouse, there is a roof walls, doors and windows tightly, a ventilation device for warehouse; warehouse environment is sunny rainy day can close attention to ventilation, moisture.

Reasonable stacking advanced first place

Stainless steel pipe stacking principle is required in the stacking stable, safe condition, do according to the palletizing varieties of different specifications, different varieties of materials to avoid confusion with each other are stacking, corrosion, prevent stack corrosive goods store near the end of the stack to the pad material; high, strong, smooth, avoid stainless steel pipe damp or deformed; the same material in storage respectively stacking, convenient implementation of advanced first principles; the open dumps pipe must have wood pad or stone, stack face slightly tilted, convenient drainage, and placed flat note material, to avoid bending deformation; on the stacking height, the manual operation can not be higher than 1.2m, the mechanical operation is not higher than 1.5m, pile width not greater than 2.5m; between the stack and leave the stack channel, check road is usually 0.5m, and The channel is determined by the size and material transport machinery, usually 1.5-2.0m; pile pad high, if the warehouse is Chaoyang cement floor, then pad high 0.1M on the line; and if it is mud, to pad 0.2-0.5m. And if it is outdoors, then the cement ground to pad 0.3-0.5m, if the sand mud pad 0.5-0.7m.

Packaging and protective layer of protective materials

The preservative or other plating and coating is applied before the steel mill of stainless steel pipe is put out. This is an important measure to avoid rust of stainless steel pipe. It is necessary to protect and avoid damage during transportation and handling, and it can extend the storage period of stainless steel.

Keep the warehouse clean and strengthen the material maintenance

Stainless steel pipe material in storage before the need to pay attention to avoid the rain or rain or have to sneak into the impurities, dirty materials according to the nature of use other ways to clean, if high hardness can use wire brush, you can use the low hardness of the cloth, such as cotton fabric cleaning; stainless steel pipe after storage need regular inspection, if found it should promptly remove rust, rust layer; usually steel surface to remove in the net, without oil, but for high quality steel, alloy thin plate, thin wall stainless steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, rust inside and outside surface of it are coated with anti rust oil after storage; for serious corrosion of stainless steel pipe, do not save too long time in use after cleaning as soon as possible.

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