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New natural gas discovery made on independent deepwater exploration

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CNOOC Limited today announced that the company has successfully made a new mid-to-large sized natural gas discovery at Lingshui 25-1 on the independent deepwater exploration.

The Lingshui 25-1 structure is located in the northeast of Ledong Sag in Qiongdongnan Basin of South China Sea, with an average water depth of about 980m. The discovery well Lingshui 25-1-1 was drilled and completed at a depth of about 4000m and encountered the oil and gas pay zone with a total thickness of about 73m. The well was tested to produce about 35.6 million ft3 of natural gas and 395 boe/d.

Lingshui 25-1 is another mid-to-large sized natural gas discovery following Lingshui 17-2 that the company made on an independent deepwater exploration. The new discovery has not only opened up a new exploration chapter in the deepwater area of northern South China Sea, but also further proven the good exploration prospects in the deepwater area of Qiongdongnan Basin.

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