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Stainless steel flange during processing, in addition to go through multi-channel heat treatment process, also need to use machining process, the main tool is cutting blades, etc., but for the cutting of the stainless steel flange material is not very simple, here share with you the points for attention during the cutting of stainless steel flange.
First of all, should consider when cutting the hardness of the stainless steel flange, and the resulting cutting hard to break, increasing the difficulty of cutting, so should consider three aspects.
First, it is according to the stainless steel flange and hardness of various types of blank to select cutting parameter;
Second, it is according to the cutting tool material, the welding quality and tool grinding conditions to select the cutting parameter; The thread rolling machine
Third, the diameter is according to the parts, precision lathe and machining allowance to choose cutting parameter. Reasonable choice of the cutting parameter of the stainless steel flange size, the size of the cutting parameter will directly affect the production efficiency and processing quality of the stainless steel elbow.

So, choose reasonably stainless steel flange cutting when the cutting dosage, can guarantee the production efficiency and processing quality, also can do a good job in the subsequent welding process accordingly.

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