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On the development method of lateral tee

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The middle of the lateral tee gives off a branch, lateral tee back surface bend diameter for axb known, the arc radius; R = a, back arc radius R = T + a; Axb branch pipe diameter.

On the development method of lateral tee

I) delimit view:
(1) according to the known size in order to draw the elevation and plan;
(2) according to the back of the center of the branch (position in A ‘B’ center line overlap) delimit the vertical pipe, and make A branch of elevation, branch of oral sex to bend back arc surface G ‘H’;
(3) according to the projection relationship before you make a branch in the lateral tee plan vertical view, a quick rectangular E1, F1, F2FE2.
Row graph:
1) lateral tee’s sides is on elevation;
(2) the inclined tee back: draw a rectangle width for b, length of back arc DB unbend, namely PI R / 2; According to the actual location of the branch pipe in the back arc, the symmetry line measuring HG curve contour length point H and G; H ‘and the G’ as a parallel lines, and a wide for b ‘, namely complete back arc expansion plan and the opening position and size.
(3) branch: as a baseline, take its length is equal to the straight pipe section, and have been in accordance with the vertical view each dot notation M – E2 – F2 – F1 – E1 – M, and through the above each point as a baseline of vertical (parallel) each wire; In each line intercept the actual length of the line segment, linear parts direct attachment; By curve part with a radius of R, G, H and H, point to delimit circle arc, intersection point 0; To zero as the center of the circle, the radius R, GH, lateral tee expansion plan is completed.

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