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Pay attention to these points when producing 304 stainless steel pipes

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304 stainless steel pipe is a kind of high alloy steel, in all kinds of medium has good corrosion resistance, the surface appearance of this kind of stainless steel pipe is more beautiful, when used in general without plating processing, unless there is a special requirement for use.


304 stainless steel pipe

As the stainless steel capillary has a strong corrosion resistance, and also contains other excellent characteristics of stainless steel, so the use is very extensive. Commonly used in industrial sensors and electronic equipment, line protection tube, electrical circuit safety protection, automatic instrument, signal tube and hollow core high voltage optical cable internal support, etc..


Characteristics of 304 stainless steel pipe

In addition to the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of stainless steel, the flexibility of stainless steel capillary is also very good, tensile, wear-resistant and waterproof, as well as excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. Among them, the flexibility is reflected in the freedom to bend into various angles, good flexibility, axial tensile force can withstand the nominal diameter of more than 6 times.


304 stainless steel pipe production attention

1, attention should be paid to whether the annealing temperature reaches the prescribed temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment is generally accepted solid solution heat treatment, or “annealing”, the process temperature range of 1040~1120 degrees (Japanese standard). The stainless steel pipe can also be inspected in the annealing furnace. The stainless steel pipe in the annealed zone shall be in the form of incandescent without softening and sagging.

2, annealing atmosphere. The annealing atmosphere general YISHION hydrogen as stainless steel pipe, the best atmosphere purity is more than 99.99%, if the atmosphere there is another kind of inert gas, may be appropriate to reduce the purity of pure hydrogen, but not containing excess oxygen and water vapor.

3, furnace sealing. The light annealing furnace must be sealed off from the outside air and usually use hydrogen as the maintenance gas. The furnace has only one exhaust port, which is convenient for igniting hydrogen. The inspection methods of each joint crevice water wipe in the annealing furnace, observe whether the leak, leakage is one of the most easily import pipe annealing furnace is in place, the sealing ring here is very easy to wear, need regular inspection and replacement.

4. Maintain air pressure. To avoid gas leakage, bright furnace maintenance gas should maintain a certain positive pressure, and if the maintenance gas is hydrogen, generally to reach more than 20kBar.

5, the furnace can not be water vapor. One is to check the furnace body is boring in the first furnace, furnace material must be dry; the two is to check into the furnace of stainless steel pipe if there is residual water stains, there may be some holes in stainless steel pipe, then you do not have water into the bright furnace, otherwise it will cause a negative impact on stainless steel processing.

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