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There are two kinds of pipeline sight glasses:

There are two types of duct pipeline sight glasses:

First, the glass pipe sight glasse, observation of large field of view, light transmission is good, simple structure, cost-effective, but the pressure is low (generally not more than 0.6MPa);

Second, the glass plate through sight glass, the use of high pressure, because the glass window completely out of the pipeline a variety of stress, the relative service life is high, replacement and maintenance is also more convenient, but the structure is complex and cost higher.

In addition, the use of ordinary tempered glass temperature between 0 to 200 degrees, the use of temperature, it is necessary to use high borosilicate or quartz high temperature glass;

Secondly, according to the corrosive media choose a cost-effective sight glasse material;

Finally, according to the actual situation selected lens and pipe connection, there are flanges, threads, welding, quick connection and so on.

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