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Precautions for processing of threads in stainless steel pipes

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The thread in the stainless steel pipes are usually formed by tapping with taps. Because stainless steel has high viscosity and weak chip breaking ability, it is easy to produce chips, scraping, thread or tapping, and so on during tapping, thus affecting the efficiency and quality of stainless steel pipes. In order to prolong the service life of the taps and increase the quality of the thread, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects.

The first is the use of high quality taps. The wear resistance and toughness of the taps can be obviously enhanced by adding specific alloy elements in the ordinary high speed tool steel. In addition, the titanium nitride coating on the surface of taps can also effectively enhance the wear resistance, heat resistance and lubrication performance of the taps. It is also possible to appropriately increase the front angle of the taps. However, it is important to note that if the front angle of the taps is too large, it is easy to cause the taps to collapse and the whorled edges when the knives are retreated.

In addition, a proper amount of taps can be considered to increase the amount of the taps. However, it is also necessary to note that, if the amount of the shovel is too high, it is easy to lead the chip into the rear angle of the taps when the knife is back, so that the smoothness of the thread is not good enough. Finally, it is to choose the appropriate tool heat treatment process to give consideration to the hardness and toughness of the taps.

When making tapping for stainless steel pipes, another important thing to pay attention is to select high quality tapping oil. Tapping oil should have good cooling, lubrication and antirust properties. Once the tapping oil is not lubricated well, it will lead to the poor smoothness of the thread and the tapping resistance of the taps is high. If the cooling effect of tapping oil is not good, it will cause the taps to stick to the teeth, that is, it is easy to bond stainless steel chips on the taps and front angles. In addition, the tapping oil and oil can also be used independently, but the proportion should be suitable.

High quality stainless steel special tapping oil has excellent extreme pressure, anti adhesion and excellent oxidation stability, which can significantly enhance cutting efficiency and extend tool life. In detail, it is excellent for lubricity, extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, and also with antirust and high temperature oxidation antioxidation. Low viscosity, high cooling and better metal settling, low smell and low smoke, so as to protect the operating environment.

Good tapping oil is widely used. It is suitable for cutting, rolling, tapping, high-speed hobbing, high speed gear shaping, broaching, reaming and deep hole turning, and other metal processing in harsh environment.

Before use, the tapping oil is directly added to the cutting tank or used directly on the stainless steel pipe workpiece.

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