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Preparation of stainless steel bar before the surface pickling process

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As a kind of steel widely used in Chinese life, stainless steel is highly adaptable and has high corrosion resistance. The main types of stainless steel materials are bars, plates, profiles and wire materials. In this paper, stainless steel bars are used, and stainless steel bars are many, such as round sticks, square bars and hexagonal bars.

Stainless steel bars are made from steel ingots, but it is important to note that the atmosphere is so powerful that many materials are corbared by it. Stainless steel bar corrosion resistance is strong, as far as possible but still bear the atmosphere for a long time erosion, a long time, the surface of stainless steel bar will pbaruce a layer of oxide film, stainless steel bar surface itself will turn black, lost the original beautiful luster, despite the existence of the layer of oxide film, easy to play a protective role of stainless steel bar, but this layer of oxide film is just a layer of thin film, if it does not receive special treatment will affect the properties and the application of the stainless steel bars, so before the formal application must by pickling process.

Apart from the fact that the surface of the stainless steel bar is exposed too long in the atmosphere, the dust and pollutant particles in the atmosphere will also contact the surface of the stainless steel bar directly, resulting in the contamination of the surface of the bar. To remove the contamination on the surface of the stainless steel, easy to make stainless steel bar processing into acid after a white, so this pickling process is a must, but need to pay attention to what aspects when pickling?

Pickling of stainless steel bar is to remove the contaminants on the surface of the bar at the same time, also to remove traces of rust, keep the surface of stainless steel bar original clean, but if do not pay attention to protecting and of the pickling process can destroy the performance of the stainless steel bars, so before pickling stainless steel bars is best to do a first passivation, Mr After passivation can make the stainless steel bar surface into a layer of dense oxide film, and had the layer of oxide film would prevent stainless steel body chemical reaction with the outside world, through such processing can enhance the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel bars.

Stainless steel bars are doing cleaning before the corresponding must be ready for work, must be in addition to remove rubbish and contaminants on the surface of the stainless steel bars, in the processing of stainless steel bar surface formation of burr and splash content also clean to remove it, only the surface of stainless steel bar clean dry, then can do formal pickling process.

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