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Production method of stainless steel seamless pipe

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Stainless steel seamless pipe according to the different production methods can be divided into hot rolling, cold rolling tube, cold drawn tubes, extruded tube, etc.
1, hot-rolled seamless steel pipe in automatic rolling on production unit. Solid billet through inspection and clear the surface defects, cut into the required length, centering on the tube billet perforation end face, and then sent to a heating furnace, punched on the punch. In perforated revolve and progress at the same time, under the action of roll and head, tube billet internal cavity formed gradually, according to the capillary. Then sent to automatically continue rolling mill. Finally approved by reeling mill all the whole wall thickness, the sizing sizing machine, to meet the specification requirements. Hot rolled seamless steel pipe production by continuous rolling pipe unit is a more advanced method.
2, if you would get a smaller size and better quality seamless steel pipe, must adopt the method of cold rolling, cold drawing or both combined. Cold rolling is usually conducted on two-high rolling mill, steel pipe in variable cross section round hole groove and motionless conical head of rolling in the annular groove. Cold drawing usually in 0.5 ~ 100 t single or double chain chain cold drawing machine.
3, extrusion method, the heating tube billet in airtight extrusion cylinder, perforated rods and extrusion, extrusion from smaller extrusion die. This method can produce smaller diameter of seamless steel pipe.
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