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Production process and related technologies of reducer

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Reducer is used for a pipe diameter of the pipeline. Reducer, one of the pipe for pipeline in two different diameters connected, is divided into two kinds of concentric reducer and an eccentric reducer. reducer in addition to the use of steel as raw material for the production of the size of the head, on the part of the specification of reducer also available steel plate by stamping forming process of production. reducer in pipe connection and use of good performance and the use of operation with strictly according to the standard form of use, in the use of specific divided into different kinds and types, fully demonstrated the great contribution to the operation. The forming process is usually used to reduce the size of the compression, expansion or shrinkage and expansion, and the reducer can also be used in the form of stamping. For example: the standard size for the 140mm wide door frame assembly measurement width becomes larger 141.1mm. reducer (reducer) in molding production according to certain processes and production principle of control and use, strictly in accordance with the above procedure and standards were control and use.
reducer shrinkage diameter of forming process is will and big head big endian is equal to the diameter of the tube into the forming die, through the tube along the axial direction of the blank pressing, the metal mould cavity movement along the contraction and forming. According to reducer diameter size, divided into a press forming forming or several times. In the production, the door frame assembly often appear at the level of the enterprise and the cross head interface is uneven, seriously affect the matching. Four sides of the width of the door frame width measurement are basically standard size of 0.2mm, wood moisture in 8-10%, based on the production process of moisture in the process is not in place and the South humidity is larger, the door frame width will appear than the standard size of +0.5~+1.0m. Drawing die shape with reference to the size of the inner surface of the size of the design, using the blanking die to press the sheet metal forming.
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