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Production process of reducer

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The reducer is a kind of pipe fitting for pipe diameter. It is usually used to press the forming process for reducing diameter pressing, diameter pressing or reducing diameter.

A. Diameter/diameter formation

The reducer forming process of the reduced-diameter steel tube is to insert the tube billet into the forming mould with the diameter of the reducer, and the metal is moving and shrinking along the cavity of the die cavity by pressing the axial direction of the steel tube. According to the size of the diameter of the reducer, it can be divided into one crushing forming or multiple crushing forming.

In the process of reducing or expanding deformation, the cold pressure or thermal pressure is determined according to different materials and varying diameters. Normally, use cold pressure as far as possible, but the condition of serious processing hardening, thick wall thickness or alloy steel materials should be used with hot pressure.

B. Stamping forming

In addition to using steel pipe as the raw material to produce the different diameter steel pipe, some specifications of the diameter steel tube can be used for the production of sheet metal stamping process. The die shape of the drawing is designed according to the surface dimension of the diameter of the tube, and the blanking drawing of the steel plate is formed with the punching die.

Characteristics of stress distribution

(1) the bending moment caused by the difference of the area pressure difference between the inner pressure and the diameter of the reducer causes the large end to be relatively open and the small end is relatively shrinking;

(2) the inner surface of the inner surface of the eccentric reducer and the central surface of the center of eccentricity are the most stress.

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