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Protective casting technology for high pressure alloy flange

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Protection casting process of high pressure alloy flange is one of the key factors to determine the surface quality of billet and finished products.
Protective casting process for high pressure alloy flange includes:
1) high pressure alloy flange through long nozzle protection to enter the tundish liquid steel below the level of the seal, at the same time the gap between the tundish and tundish seal.
2) high pressure alloy flange in the middle of the package before the injection of water, filled with argon (nitrogen) about 6 minutes to make the oxygen content of the bag <2%.
3) water in package basic slag protection of HV alloy flanges, and blowing in the whole casting process of argon gas (nitrogen) protection.
4) in the high pressure alloy flange, the water enters the mold through the submerged entry nozzle, and seals between the nozzle and the tundish.
(5) to protect the water into the high pressure alloy flange mold liquid level with the protection of slag (above argon) protection.
6) by such protection, the oxygen content in the high pressure alloy flange will remain unchanged or reduced.
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