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Quality inspection, cleaning and correction of alloy elbow

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Quality inspection of alloy elbow:
1, the alloy elbow according to the relevant technical documents provided for the project and the requirements of the inspection;
2, when the mechanical properties of the alloy elbow is not qualified, it can be repeated heat treatment, but the number of repeated quenching or solid solution is generally not more than two times. Supplementary tempering of the workpiece does not count as repeated treatment;
3, after the quenching state or low temperature tempered alloy elbow, repeated quenching should be carried out before the preheating, annealing or high temperature tempering;
4, heat treatment records should be kept for future reference.
Alloy elbow cleaning:
1, according to the requirements of the alloy elbow and the surface condition of the alkali wash, water soluble cleaning agent, chlorine solvent blasting, shot blasting and other methods to clean up;
2, alloy elbow generally do not use pickling method to clean up.
Alloy elbow correction:
1, the alloy elbow static load is used to correct, it is generally not suitable for local percussion;
2, the alloy elbow should be annealed at less than the original tempering temperature;
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