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Removal of stainless steel pipeline

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1, the removal of stainless steel pipeline, the first use of plasma cutting machine stainless steel pipeline cut and then manually removed the stainless steel pipeline, if the diameter is greater than DN200 stainless steel pipeline, hand chain hoist can be used to assist lifting.

2, the demolition of the stainless steel pipeline, it should be promptly cleaned up, otherwise, the new stainless steel pipeline will be no prefabricated work.

3, the new stainless steel pipeline prefabricated, the stainless steel pipeline in the ground according to the original line to lined up, prefabricated, should be based on the actual situation of the site positioning.

4, for the installation of stainless steel pipeline and pipeline fittings should have the manufacturer’s certificate of competency, chemical composition and mechanical properties and other information, and heat treatment and intergranular corrosion experiments. pipeline and pipeline fittings in the use of visual inspection before the surface shall not have cracks, heavy skin and other defects.

5, the pipeline should be installed before the general cleaning, remove the oil and other dirt.

6, stainless steel pipeline is strictly prohibited the use of oxygen – acetylene cutter, should be used sawing, hand saw, wheel cutting machine, plasma cutting machine for stainless steel pipeline cutting, grinding wheel should be used for special wheel.

7, 18-8 stainless steel pipeline with welded connection, accessories using pressed parts, as 18-8 stainless steel for the austenitic stainless steel, the use of welding methods for manual welding. Selection of the electrode and wire specifications: electrode grade A132, wire steel H0Cr20Ni10Ti

8, stainless steel pipeline should be fixed after the installation of the bracket, the tube shall not be in direct contact with the carbon steel bracket, stainless steel pipeline and bracket should be padded between the stainless steel, non-chloride ion plastic sheet and rubber sheet.

9, according to the different transmission medium and operating temperature, flange gasket should be required to use non-metallic gasket or metal gasket, non-metallic gasket chloride content of not more than 50 * 10-6.

10, stainless steel pipeline line is longer or the transmission medium temperature is high, the pipeline should be set compensator.

11, stainless steel pipeline installation is completed, according to the design or specification requirements for pressure test, take water pressure test water chloride content should not exceed 25 * 10-6.

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