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Selection of five factors to consider stainless steel pipe

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When selecting stainless steel welded pipe in the corrosive environment, in addition to deal with the working conditions of stainless steel welded pipe has a detailed understanding, also need to consider the main factors are: stainless steel welded pipe corrosion resistance, and strength, toughness and physical properties, processing, formability, resources, price and obtain easily.
1. The corrosion resistance of the standard is for sure, both to admit it, use it, and cannot be bound by it, according to the specific requirements to determine whether the specific standard of corrosion.
On the corrosion resistance of stainless steel welded pipe is used more 10 standard, choose which level as the requirement of corrosion resistance, want to consider equipment, part a (its thickness, size). The characteristics of using lifespan, product quality (such as impurities, color, purity) and so on request, generally speaking, in the process of using smooth mirror or size precision instrument equipment and components, can choose 1 ~ 3 grade standard; Work closely with the requirements.
2. The corrosion resistance is relative and conditional, often say stainless of stainless steel welded pipe, the corrosion resistance of point relative to the rust and corrosion resistant, is refers to under certain conditions (medium, concentration, temperature, impurities, pressure, flow velocity, etc) must be. So far, has not been in any corrosive environment are not rust resistance, corrosion resistance of stainless steel welded pipe, so option material researchers must according to the specific conditions of use to choose, stainless steel welded pipe type is selected, use the department have to choose the correct use of the characteristics of the stainless steel welded pipe is reasonable material selection and correct use of to achieve has the objective of does not rust or corrosion.
3. Choose the stainless steel welded pipe should not only consider the general corrosion resistance, also want to consider the performance of its resistance to local corrosion, and in some water chemical medium, which need more attention, this is because, typically more material attaches great importance to the general corrosion resistance of stainless steel welded pipe, and under the conditions of use, they are for local corrosion, such as sensitivity to the stress corrosion pitting corrosion and so on how to consider less; Stainless steel welded pipe more than in the general corrosion resistance good local corrosion occurred in corrosion environment, local corrosion often result in stainless steel welded pipe equipment, the sudden destruction of parts, the harm is far greater than the general corrosion. 4. The application of various kinds of manual data on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel welded pipe.
4. Under the condition of some use, will also meet this kind of situation, when the work in the media or in the production of industrial products, some or even contained the metal ions in the stainless steel welded pipe, it will affect the quality of the chemical process industry industrial products (including the luster, color, purity, etc.). This kind of situation in the nuclear fuel pharmaceutical and dye industries are the most common, often choose at this time does not contain an element of stainless steel welded pipe or appropriate chooses stainless steel welded pipe corrosion resistance level, so that the reduced to allow the limits of metal ions.
5. Stainless steel welding control device, if parts failure due to corrosion, should carry out the analysis of the corrosion damage reason, find out the reason after take measures, and should not be a throw it.
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