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Seven steps of stainless steel flanges derusting

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Stainless steel, an alloy of iron that contains ten percent chromium, is a very resilient material used in a wide range of household and industrial products. It’s resistant to rust and tarnish due to the chromium film on its surface. If this chromium film is removed, the utensil will begin to rust.

In the event that your stainless steel flange do have rust on it, follow these instructions to remove it.

Seven steps of stainless steel flange derusting

1, before the first stainless steel flange surface rust removing all visible dirt, and then use solvents or cleaning agents to remove oil.
2, with the shovel knife to tungsten steel stainless steel flanges large area corrosion.
3, with scraper and wire brush to remove the stainless steel flange corner of the corner of the corrosion.
4, with a file to remove surface of stainless steel flange welding slag and other protrusions and various burrs.
5, the use of cloth and steel wire brush to clean stainless steel flange.
6, with a clean cloth, but also can be used to clean the solvent and the solvent to clean and timely painting primer.

7, pay attention to for yet fail the toughness of the coating may be preserved, and emery cloth polishing old paint surface, the coating defect polished axe shape and clean after direct painting.

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