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Several problems in the rapid development of shaped steel tube

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Due to the wide range of application of shaped steel tube, which promotes the rapid development of the production of shaped steel tube.
The development of shaped steel pipes is the main link of product variety, including section shape, material and performance, a shaped steel tube factory (workshop) for a variety of products, often living in all metal pressure processing factories and mines. A special-shaped steel tube plant, foreign products amounted to more than 8000, in a factory of our country turns out to be production of cold drawn round pipe, compared with a single product, after nearly ten years accept shaped steel tube set loan, products section, specifications and varieties development to 2100, almost every year to increase of new varieties of hundreds to hundreds. It is not the same as the general steel pipe plant products more and more specialized and the main target on the production index of the production is not the same. shaped steel pipe production is characterized by many varieties, small batch, mobile ling. Of course, it does not exclude some of the more mature, the need for a larger variety of professional production.
Shaped steel tube material not only various carbon actinium, structural steel, low alloy steel and high alloy gold actinium, stainless steel, high-temperature and gold, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, beryllium and other metal and alloy.
Extrusion method is one of the effective methods to produce shaped steel tube. It is suitable for producing various sections and materials. In recent years, many hundreds of tons to 3150 tons of extruding machines have been established successively. This is not enough, in order to production of a wide variety of special-shaped steel tube, must also have a variety of means of production. Therefore, in recent years, our country in the original only on the basis of cold drawing machine, Wei new roll drawing, extrusion, hydraulic, spinning, rolling, rolling and rotary forging dozens of production equipment and continuous improvement and creation of new equipment and technology. In addition, technical strength training and production technology research. Is also a key to improve the production of shaped steel tube.
The prospects for the development of the production of special steel tube is very broad, vigorously carry out the metal deformation, the correct calculation method, give full play to the production potential, improve the quality of products such as theoretical research is imperative.
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