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Stainless steel and carbon steel composite flange production generally have two ways: one is the use of explosive or rolling method will be made of stainless steel plate and carbon steel composite plate, and then made into a flange.

Stainless steel flanges made of this method are good. However, the requirements of the composite technology, composite equipment and personnel are very high, the general production of manufacturers can not do, and the cost is higher; two is on the carbon steel flange sealing surface, welding on stainless steel plate, and then in the lathe Colonel level. This method makes the composite flange use effect is not good, but the technology, equipment and personnel requirements is not high, the general factory can do, and can use the stainless steel plate of the side of the waste, the cost is lower. I plant in 1993 began to use this method to produce stainless steel flange / carbon steel composite flange. Its production method is as follows: to prepare a piece of rough or carbon steel flange without a car sealing surface as a base material.

With 4 ~ 6mm stainless steel plate splicing flange sealing surface, outer diameter and the outer diameter of the original flange sealing surface, a small diameter of 2 ~ 3mm, easy to weld flange and pipe.
In the stainless steel seal surface of the center line, the drill several holes, and then spent a few hand vise the stainless steel flange sealing surface of the clip to ready the pipe flange on the substrate. Good fitting, do not have a gap.
To be sealed stainless steel surface and the pipe flange base leveling, clamping, first spot, by full welding note wall thickness of flange not produced large deformation. If the pipe flange is connected to the pipe should be in the pipe flange of the inner ring welded on a corresponding stainless steel pipe. 
Stainless steel and carbon steel composite flange is based on the principle of the pipe flange sealing surface and the medium contact surface of stainless steel plate and stainless steel tube, so that the corrosion medium does not contact the pipe flange of the steel parts, so as to get the same service life with stainless steel flange. Coupled with the composite flange of the base material is carbon steel, so that the pipe flange with stainless steel and carbon steel flange of many excellent properties, and the production of simple, low cost. Therefore, the composite flange has a strong practical applicability.
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