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Stainless steel butt weld elbow

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Stainless steel butt weld elbow is seam pipe fittings, it is generally used in relatively large diameter stainless steel elbow, and wall thickness is thin.
Stainless steel butt weld elbow has certain corrosion resistant, heat resistant, wear-resisting performance, it is widely used in different fields and industries, usually used in power plant, chemical, oil and other equipment. Stainless steel butt weld elbow, the process is the same as the tube of stainless steel plate by stamping die stamping into half a piece of ring elbow, then two and a half block shape bend to group of butt welding forming, production and processing according to the process.

Stainless steel butt weld elbow in the welding process, after heating, can release carbide, release the carbide will affect the performance of the stainless steel elbow, reduce corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and sclerosing after welding is bigger, easy to crack, so need to pay attention to matters in the process of welding and method, ensure the good use value and performance. If using the same type of chromium stainless steel elbow electrode welding, must be above 300 ° C, preheating and slow cooling off around 700 ° C, after welding if cannot undertake the weldment heat treatment after welding, should choose the chromium nickel stainless steel elbow. Different kinds of electrode in use have different performance and characteristics, in use according to the needs of the corresponding selection, ensure the quality of the welding of stainless steel elbow. Steel plate made of stainless steel elbow in the welding process using dc power; When used at the same time should be kept dry, lest cause weld stainless steel elbow increased carbon content and affect the welding quality.

In order to improve corrosion resistant stainless steel elbow and weldability, select elements increases the stability of the (Ti, Mo) such as steel, chromium than the weldability of the stainless steel plate is better.

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