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In connection pipes and pipe fittings which will be used to an accessory, these accessories to be called the stainless steel flange, of course, this is a little more professional, it is called, in life we may put them to look at as a joint part . In all material stainless steel flange which is best, but life is also long.
First, note the use of the stainless steel flange
A drain stainless steel flange parts and materials engineering are among the most commonly used, but in the process of using them to note is that under normal circumstances, the stainless steel flange can not be used alone to use, because the pipe The connection requires pairs of stainless steel flanges. stainless steel flange is used to connect two pipes of the same model. stainless steel flanged connections are also very unique, mouth end to be used in the two tubes connected together must be fitted with a stainless steel stainless steel flanges, and then connect the two tubes stainless steel flange stainless steel flange fitted sheet to that end is connected together.
Second, the specific methods of stainless steel flange connection
stainless steel flange is not directly connected to two pipes connected parts but a bridge, because the stainless steel flange need to be fitted into the mouth end of the two tubes, respectively, and then bonding the two pieces stainless steel flange again, if piped pressure gas or liquid is relatively small, you can also use a spiral pattern of the surface of the stainless steel flange, which is connected directly to tighten up even better.
Third, the stainless steel flange affordability of gravity
Compact and lightweight piece of stainless steel stainless steel flanges for pipeline gas or a liquid capacity of gravity, but very powerful. Even without the use of welding two stainless steel flanges can also withstand the pressure under normal circumstances, if the use of the welding of the way, then you’d be able to withstand over four kilograms of gravity. Want to make the connection stainless steel flange above play a more extreme effect, then select welding.

stainless steel flanges connection are tips of the stainless steel flange itself is a way to connect two pipe fittings, and if you want the connections after having overall more airtight if you still need a little bit of technology and know-how. This time only two pieces of stainless steel mat in the floor mat stainless steel flange disc which is like, because this mat itself is a sealing material, it will make the gap between the stainless steel flanges have been filled.

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