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Stainless steel flange has many matters needing attention in the middle of the production process

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It is due to the use of stainless steel material production and become the widespread use of flange, so led to this kind of material in the supply of the flange it is good for the manufacturer to a message. Although the number of production is very important, but the importance of quality seems better, this requires manufacturers in the production of stainless steel flangewell below these considerations, in order to guarantee the use effect.
The first point, easy to avoid corrosion of stainless steel material
For stainless steel the material on the surface of the the most important thing is to keep it clean, once after corrosion of the stainless steel surface will change the appearance, not so bright and clean. So all those who have the ability of stainless steel corrosion things will be far away from the production. Both acidic and alkaline gases or liquids are far away from the production environment.
The second point, chosen the collocation of flange gasket
The effect of flange connecting pipe above is indeed great, but little also not of gasket. A good helper in the collocation of use of stainless steel flange is asbestos gasket. Asbestos the material itself has very good properties, it can resist acid, either gas or liquid can be well absorbed by asbestos, so as not to affect the stainless steel. A little on special occasions, of course, also use other materials to the production of gaskets, this time to choose and with complementary ability of stainless steel gasket.
The third point, to consider the connection flange production
In there are different ways of connecting pipe, the pipe is thin can turn directly using the thread flange screw connection, some stainless steel flange facing some there is a big pressure pipeline, you will need to use to the welding, so that more solid and reliable. Material made of stainless steel flange still had better choose welding connection, both for the pipe pressure is big or small. Stainless steel welded connection is very convenient, is also easier.

The diameter of the flange plate size, flange thickness is and will face the pressure of the pipeline is big or small. General situation, the more pressure big stainless steel flange thickness is also thick. If the pressure of the pipe is small, then a thin layer of stainless steel flange and disc can get different pipe connection problem.

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