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Stainless steel flange processing efficiency will be increased by 50%

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For stainless steel flange plane milling, the milling efficiency and service time are the decisive factors in the economic impact of a compromise. Have a kind of mixing equipment company, to test the process of machining, can find a significant improve the rigidity and toughness of high quality stainless steel milling efficiency.
Forging ring with the material of 1.4462 the usage of package materials by shoveled a square cutter mixed funnel. And at right angles to a side of face milling cutter transition section milling
Mixing and the field of mineral processing technology, is located in, burns yaang is the world’s largest a supplier of stainless steel flange. Cutting composition must be economic and technical improvement of the exploration, the company with particular emphasis on chemical and high temperature resistant stainless steel flange bags. In the operation, must be in a very short period of time to achieve a lot of cutting ability, but at the same time to achieve a longer tool life. Therefore, in the past the use of high speed steel cutter and cutter, duplex stainless steel flange to live longer, more reliable performance tools to replace. The first stage of the experiment Ingersoll milling machine, choose to use common steel 1.4462 bags, such as 10 meters in the ladle and a diameter of 250 mm need shaft centrifuge. A total of 10 steel bag shape can be mixed according to the corresponding mixture and shovel. Two special shape steel rings on both sides of the bag seal on the backbone. In both the steel pocket, a milling to mix a bucket specifications square support. So far has been the use of a diameter of 50 mm nested end mill, but in the cutting efficiency and surface quality and the service life of the results is not too big.
Choose five adjust the blade Angle of 90 degrees, at right angles to a diameter of 50 mm 2 j1c eng stainless steel flange surface knife, to achieve 84.24 m3 / min cutting ability, more than 6% higher than competitors. These achievements mainly due to 53 m/min cutting speed, feed 0.1 mm/teeth, 10 mm, 50 mm cutting depth of the successful application of cutting width. Feed through three, twist the ladle receive wet milling.
Copying milling cutter blade with excellent heat resistance.
Compared with competitors orthogonal face milling cutter, long service life, in the same cutting condition similar by Ingersoll rectangular plane milling machine processing of three parts, the main processing time 50%, therefore, the ability of additional equipment in six hours. Yaang case processing, the company’s future plans, the most important thing is nested in wet milling cutter with high temperature tolerance. Through good Angle and the sharp cutting blades, in the processing of stainless steel, can realize the feed quantity of 10 mm.
As a first step after two nested 5 w7k type by a knife was tested. First, using tool steel 66 mm in diameter. The first knife knife to take the standard trajectory, so the following data and synchronize milling appearance: cutting speed 120 m/min, cutting depth is 2 millimeter, cutting width 50 mm, promote the quantity of each tooth of 0.5 mm.

In the first test, and the ladle 15 wet feed, then ten times dry milling. In the longer run during this time there will be a knife after tumor free surface and minor wear and tear, so in the future all ladle wet processing. And the use of a diameter of 80 mm, there are six effective by a cutter blade. In the same numerical cutting, the cutting machine at the top of the flat bag 16.7 min dry milling, cutting machine with the CD’s rivals, which greatly improve the life of cutter.

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