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Stainless steel flange production of industrial standards and regulations

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Stainless steel flange is a kind of used to connect two pipes connection parts, in the entire plumbing system of stainless steel flange is just a part of the connection parts. Stainless steel flange are classified into the category of the stainless steel flange parts, flange can be connection and some of the water pump, there are some very small is similar to the valve connection device can also belongs to the stainless steel flange type, the following is about the production standards and rules for everyone to do the introduction.
First, the stainless steel flange thickness have requirements
Because of the different stainless steel flange have different purposes, so for the thickness of the flange itself also has the related requirements. Pipeline pressure brought by directly determines the thickness of the flange need to use. Different thickness can withstand the pressure of the pipeline is also has a very big difference. General situation, the pressure is the thickness of the stainless steel flange and pipe size has a proportional relationship, that is powerful pressure pipe need to use the thicker the thickness of stainless steel flange.
Second, stainless steel flange connection mode determines the number of thread flange port
stainless steel flange and pipe can use many kinds of methods, the combination of these methods directly determines the stainless steel flange port needs with many threads. If the pipe to pressure is not so big, so that it is using the screw turned the connection, this time only need to put the two pieces are bonded good stainless steel flange and two pipes respectively through positive and negative direction of the port of screw tight, this case the number of threads is more commonly.
Third, stainless steel flange gaskets need to match each other in pairs
Different types of flange should be carried out and the corresponding gasket to match, if pipe delivery pressure is bigger, the gasket also need to choose some heavy material. In the pipeline of the pressure particularly big, we choose the gasket material is metal, so that we can and stainless steel flange has a good auxiliary to each other.
Of course according to the different levels of pressure for the classification of metal raw material of the gasket is also a choice, classification don’t deal with these materials should be in such an order, the first is the copper material, followed by aluminum, the last is the steel, made in different types of steel gasket can withstand the pressure is not the same. Stainless steel flange tie-in steel class gasket, the resistance of the role of the pressure pipeline space is one of the most obvious.
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