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Stainless steel flange production to the factory should have 10 technical requirements

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The corrosion resistance of stainless steel decreases with the increase of carbon content, and therefore, 

most of the stainless steel and carbon content are low, the largest of no more than 1.2%, some steel Wc (carbon content) 

and even lower than 0.03% (such as 00 cr12). The main alloying element in stainless steel is a Cr (Cr), only when the Cr content reaches a certain value, the steel corrosion resistance. Therefore, general Cr stainless steel (chrome) 

content of at least 10.5%. Stainless steel also contains Ni, Ti, Mn, N, Nb, Mo, Si and Cu elements. 

With stainless steel material manufacturing flange pipe called stainless steel flange

Below we said the stainless steel flange production to the factory should have requirements.

1. The feed (according to the specification and user requirements for quality control)
2. The physical and chemical control (material)
3. The blanking (size control logo transfer control)
4. Hot forging lines (thermometer size control)
5. Heat treatment (temperature control)
6. Test (hardness, metallographic control)
7. Gold processing (size control)
8. Finished goods inspection (according to the standard to do sampling inspection control)
9. Identify (control) according to the requirements of standard
10. Package delivery (control) according to user requirements and specifications
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