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Stainless Steel in Energy Saving and Emission Reduction By

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Stainless Steel in Energy Saving and Emission Reduction By

In the past, stainless steel used in many applications for high-grade, aesthetic considerations, to improve the standard of living demand.

Stainless steel isn’t the people indispensable necessities of life ‘s. From the” energy-saving emission reduction”, to avoid the” greenhouse effect” in a new perspective, stainless steel shall be treated as the sustainable development of the necessities of life.

In the process of production, stainless steel compare with ordinary carbon steel, has obvious benefits of energy conservation and emission reduction. Generally speaking, in the iron and steel production. Adopted from the electric furnace of the steel began to hot rolled stainless steel tube sheet.

Production of stainless steel more than 55% energy saving than carbon steel. From the use of electric furnace steel, the hot rolledstainless steel tube sheet products .So far, stainless steel short process production technology of steel CO2 emissions to 507 kilograms; including the use of ironmaking system begins.

Considering the short technological process of stainless steel production accounts for about 70% of the total output of stainless steel, the long process of carbon steel output accounted for about the total yield of 90% carbon steel. The overall average social comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel, stainless steel is 383.5 kilograms, average social comprehensive energy consumption of carbon steel 590.5 kilograms. Social average stainless steel CO2 emissions to 912.9 kilograms, average social carbon steel CO2 emissions to 1724.7 kg. By this is visible, the production of 1 tons of hot rolled stainless steel tube sheet, than the production of 1 tons of ordinary hot rolled carbon steel tube sheet, can save more than 35% of energy consumption, can reduce the more than 47% of the CO2 emissions.

Two in the application areas, the more obvious advantages of stainless steel. Because the stainless steel is a boutique, with no rust, corrosion resistance, appearance and high strength, one hundred percent recyclable and other characteristics, in the practical application, can further show the energy saving and emission reduction of social benefits. For example, using the

hot rolled stainless steel tube sheet to produce a new type of stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel manufacturing trucks using domestic raw general-purpose gondola car compared with stainless steel truck wagon, can reduce the initial steel consumption 15%, the entire life cycle can reduce the steel consumption of about 55%. According to the life cycle of tons of coal consumption calculation of steel, can save more than 75%. So, every increase production 1 tons of stainless steel, it can replace more than 4 tons of carbon steel. Only stainless steel manufacturing process and Application

Process saving steel the factors to consider than ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel 84.25% energy saving, reducing emissions of CO2 87.16%.

Further consideration of stainless steel in nuclear applications make nuclear energy promotion becomes possible, and thermal power compared to further reduce CO emissions. In water supply and drainage system, by reducing water pollution and waste thereby further reducing CO2 emission. The applications in water treatment, in seawater desalination aspects of the application, in the clean food applications, in order to raise energy efficiency, the application in one hundred percent recyclable applications etc.

Stainless steel,” energy-saving emission reduction”, to avoid the” greenhouse effect ” effect is bigger.

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