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General rules for stainless steel pipeline
1 check the quality of each part of the piece, do not meet the requirements should be timely treatment, prevent the unqualified parts for the system.
The use of nylon sling should be 2 stainless steel pipeline lifting, prohibit the use of stainless steel wire rope hoisting stage.
3 connecting the various components, welding elbow, flange, high pressure valve, welding after passing inspection.
The use of 4 pipeline valves, instrumentation, before the installation according to the design requirements of the strength and sealing test, inspection qualified, not qualified to install. Meet the installation requirements should be accompanied by a certificate.
Before the installation of 5 stainless steel pipelines, should be measured according to the drawings, the scene did not confirm the question for installation.
6 stainless steel pipeline installation, should have adjusted, should according to the actual measurement, according to the actual measurement of the size of cutting required size adjustment.
7 stainless steel pipeline installation should check whether the stainless steel pipeline cleaning, if the pipe is dirty, should be timely treatment. In the installation of welding.

8 stainless steel pipeline installation required to fill out the “pipeline construction inspection record”

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