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Stainless steel reducer industry must improve production skills

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Chinese stainless steel reducer industry imbalance, in the current stainless steel reducer output sharply, under the situation of billet origin is serious, first rely on outsourcing, iron ore prices to add stainless steel reducer capital, unable to take part in the intense market competition, to the company production and operation form.
Other, first skills economic goals need to be further improved, and hot rolled steel products in China (grey – material) yield about 93%, meanwhile, hot-rolled seamless stainless steel reducer (grey – material) yield and depending on the skill and equipment level is not the same as shake is larger, leading skills mill usually is 90-92%; Skills behind the mill only about 80%; Ahead of the mill for more than 75%, behind the mill for less than 70%.
Therefore, the target with the international leading level, than there was distance needs to be improved, to advance the competitiveness of the stainless steel reducer, must improve production skills, together with the origin of embryo material question, as long as it can make reducer professional go further.
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