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Oil and natural gas are the main driving force and chemical raw materials. International Power Agency (IEA) estimates: in order to meet the market demand, by 2030, the global oil and gas industry to invest about 200000000000 U.S. dollars a year, 80% of the investment in the middle east outside of the region.
In oil and gas exploration, drilling, transportation, refining and long interval sent to users of the whole process is inseparable from the stainless steel seamless pipe and oil and gas drilling is the professional’s biggest user of stainless steel seamless pipe. Most of the cost of oil casing, ordinary take yield strength is 400 ~ 800MPa carbon steel and low-alloy steel manufacturing. And on of the erosion of the chloride ions and acidic gas (CO2, C02+H2S) (CL) oil, gas well, it needs to take resistant corrupt stainless steels and to nickel base alloy used for do oil casing and walks tube, which is stainless steel in the development of oil and gas has the widespread application prospect in the category.
Such as oil and gas in the process of CO2 of the corrupt performance, in twentieth Century 50 years has been rendered, come to take part in the preservative method to ease the. However there has been a slow corrosion agent consequences of instability, the high temperature consequences worse; to have purification and life cycle the money so elementary, a series of problems. Along with the oil and gas capital dries up, on previously discarded with corrosion in oil and gas wells need from the new stop mining, especially since the oil crisis of the 70s of last century the early beginning, followed by the onshore oil and gas (44% of global oil and gas reserves), the one-sided development, CO2 corrosion performance is more outstanding become the focus of the study of decay prevention for nearly 20 years in the oil and gas development. Until twentieth Century 80 years, especially in the opening of the Beihai oilfield, to take a dual phase stainless steel was completely processed for the temporary storage

The C02 corrosion of oil, gas wells in the safety of consumer scores. However, due to the high price of dual phase steel, the use of restricted. The beginning of the United States and Europe developed alternative dual phase steel data to stop research. The first is to start in Europe to stop using the super martensitic steel S13Cr instead of dual phase steel. But a small amount of stop extensive and in-depth application research and constitute a genuine industrialized mass consumption to occupy the market is not Europe and the United States developed countries, but excel in Japan. Japan’s seamless stainless steel pipe consumption factory in twentieth Century from the early 80 years beginning, all have their own characteristics of the series opened. In the early stage of industrial consumption, the production was limited by the extrusion machine consumption. Sumitomo Metal and Kawasaki Steel and skills related to achievement in the last century 80 ~ 90 years concentrated effort on the rolling pipe mill (small diameter) and active rolling pipe mill (large and medium caliber) pipe consumption C13Cr stop the research and reform of secondary equipment stopped responding. In recent years, the Japanese C13Cr based chromium stainless steel seamless pipe production increased significantly, accounting for half of the world’s stainless steel pipe market. After 20 years of sustained development tasks, and finally achieved a reward.

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