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Stainless steel seamless pipe used for oil and gas drilling and production

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Oil and gas are important energy and chemical raw materials. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that by 2030, the global oil and gas industry will invest $about 200000000000 per year to meet market demand, of which 80% of the investment will be spent outside the middle east.

In the oil and gas exploration, drilling, transportation, refining and long-distance transportation to the user’s entire process, seamless pipes can not be separated from the oil and gas drilling and drilling is the largest professional users of seamless steel pipe. The most expensive oil casing is made of carbon manganese steel and low-alloy steel with a yield strength of 400 ~ 800MPa. But for the acid gas (C02, C02+H2S) and chloride (CL-) oil and gas corrosion, requires the use of corrosion resistant stainless steel even with nickel alloy casing and oil pipe, the stainless steel has wide application prospect in the oil and gas development areas.

In the process of oil and gas production, the corrosion of CO2 has appeared in 1950s, and it was alleviated by adding preservatives. However, there has been a series of problems, such as unstable effect of corrosion inhibitor, worse effect at high temperature, pollution to environment and higher life cycle cost than stainless steel. As the oil and gas resources, to have the corrosion environment of oil and gas wells had abandoned re exploitation, especially from the beginning of 70s at the beginning of last century since the oil crisis, with the offshore oil and gas (accounted for 44% of global oil and gas reserves) comprehensive development, C02 corrosion problem is more prominent, has become a key topic in recent 20 years of corrosion in oil and gas development in the. It was not until 1980s, especially in the development of Beihai oil field, that duplex stainless steel was adopted to solve the problems of C02 corrosion oil and gas well production. But because of the high price of dual phase steel, the use is limited. Developed countries in Europe and America began to study the materials of substitute duplex steel. First of all, in Europe, the study of using martensitic steel S13Cr instead of dual phase steel has been carried out. But a lot of practical and extensive study and forms the industrial production to occupy the market and not the developed countries, but the Japanese catch up from behind. Japan’s 4 largest stainless steel seamless pipe production plant from the beginning of 1980s, have developed their own characteristics of the series.

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